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1942 Dated British Airborne "Bungee" Helmet

Often referred to as “The Bungee Helmet” ( derived from the English West Country term meaning anything thick or squat) these helmets are mostly associated with early Airborne Troop training and are now extremely rare.
This 1942 dated example by SL & M feathers Ltd. is in very good, perhaps unused condition and is completely free from damage and anything other than minimal handling marks.
The two side flaps form a crude chinstrap and each has two alloy grommets to aid with verbal communication. Inside there is a skirt with adjusting string which allows for basic fitting adjustment. There is a good label showing size 7. Beneath the skirt is a heavy circular rubber pad about 30mm thick which provided the only crash protection. The rubber remains in soft and in very good condition.
An excellent example and one which would prove difficult to upgrade.