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RAF War Service Dress Blouse and Suits Aircrew Tro

A very good matched pair of a RAF War Service Dress Blouse and RAF Suits Aircrew Trousers in a very scarce size 18.
The Blouse, appropriate for a chest size of between 41 – 42” and a waist of 38”, is dated 1944 and is in overall very good, perhaps unissued condition. The one point of note is the upper left shoulder where there are three small moth holes and what appears to be a glue mark. The only explanation I can come up with is that someone has at some time glued a nationality shoulder title in place to cover the holes. All plastic buttons are in place and the colour remains without fading.
The Suits Aircrew Trousers are in very good unissued condition and are without moth damage or wear. With a waist size of 38” and an inside leg length of 33 ½ “they are dated 1943 and come with braces. The only point of note is the removal of the dressings pocket. This is not uncommon and was done to approval the appearance for walking out, however, a pocket is included in the sale should the buyer wish to re-attach it.