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Luftwaffe Night Bombing Map. Thames Estuary

A 1942 dated Luftwaffe Night Bombing Target map of the critical Thames Estuary area, North to Ipswich and South to just beyond Deal.
Sheet number four, this map makes the changeover to the greater London area and measures 70 cms x 52 cms. Intended as a bombing chart, the features are basic showing only significant areas of population, railway lines major roads etc. Offshore, water depths are shown to aid in mine laying operations.
Printed on a high visibility yellow background with dark features these maps were ideal for night missions showing up well under the lamp at the navigatorís station and were made of a rubberised linen so that plots drawn with a wax pencil could be wiped off and the map re used. In addition, they could be taken into a dingy after ditching to aid in identifying coastal features.
Printed in a scale of 1:250,000 these maps are now rare, with those of the South East of England being the most sought after.
Overall condition is very good with just slightly ragged edges to the bottom left and top right corners.