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Second Pattern Denison Smock

Displaying in my view all the signs of a classic 1945 John Gordon second pattern Denison Smock, there is no escaping the fact that the lower half of the critical label is missing.
There are perhaps numerous explanations for this including its’ later sale as government surplus but despite all the positive wartime pointers I am offering this as an immediate post war example.
Despite the typical John Gordon defects, two male press fasteners missing the top plates and one female press fastener at the lower skirt missing, the Smock is in very good + condition with no damage and no fading to the original colours.
The half zip works perfectly and is a nice early DOT example and, adding fuel to my belief that really is a 1945 example, the position of the remains of the label differs from 1946 or later noted examples which are incorporated into the seam of the lower pocket. All Newey press fasteners are brass and not the later nickel plated variety. The all important tail is of course present.
There are no other stampings to confirm a date but a service number relating to a pre 1943 Royal Engineers allocation remains.
Chest size is 44” with a shoulder to cuff length of 21” so a good large size.
A very nice undamaged example which, if not 1945, is absolutely indistinguishable from being so.