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Royal Navy Barr & Stroud CF41 Binoculars - Cleaned

A good useable pair of these underrated WW11 Royal Navy Binoculars by Barr & Stroud.
Contained in their original brown leather case, these 7x50 CF41 s are dated 1940 and are in generally very good condition.
CF 41s are usually found with poor optics, often past repair, however, these have been cleaned and serviced by Optrep and now provide clear crisp viewing. There is however one small chip to the edge of one prism which of course is not visible when in use.
The exterior covering is 100% and the fragile spring our shades are undamaged and work perfectly. The filters operate well with the two rotary switches and the original neck strap retains the two leather caps to protect the oculars.