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WW1 German Brown Leather Luger Holster and Magazin

Although undated, there is no doubt in my mind this is a good WW1 period holster for the P08 (Luger) pistol. Not only does the flap join the main body by means of a second strip of leather not seen on WW11 holsters, but just visible inside the flap itself are the clearly ink stamped letters, B A and the remainder of an X which would have been followed by the number of the issuing clothing / equipment depot.
Still in place in the magazine pouch is a very good nickel plated magazine with wooden end cap stamped 9627.
The holster is in overall very good condition with bruising. All stitching if intact and firm, the roller buckle is free from rust and the closure strap is very strong. Both the lift strap and pouch for the loading tool are undamaged, as are the rear belt loops.