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WWI German Aircraft or Airship Altimeter

A nice example of these rare WW1 period German aircraft Altimeters.
Generally associated with dirigibles such as the Zeppelins, image 9 shows an identical Altimeter in place in the gondola of a German Airship. However, these instruments were in fact also fitted to fixed wing aircraft as the last image shows where ground crew are replacing the chart.
Numbered 22010, this piece is in good condition, perhaps requiring some improvement to the external appearance of the wooden case and with light oxidisation to the metalwork. However, all the suspension bungees are missing and the Perspex window is hazy.
After winding, the clockwork mechanism which runs well until the wind is exhausted, turning the drum and leaving the trace on the height chart.
All Altimeters are in fact Barographs, the difference being the way there are calibrated and the chart on which height or pressure is shown. This altimeter has retained an original chart showing heights from 0 8000 meters.
A rare and interesting item which displays well.