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Luftwaffe Signals Unteroffizier Blue Grey Tunic

A quite exceptional example of a private purchase four pocket tunic to a Luftwaffe signals Unteroffizier
Tailored in a high quality blue grey Trikot wool of officer quality, the tunic is in near excellent condition with little sign of use and absolutely no damage of any description.
The Tunic is closed with four pebbled matt aluminium washed buttons matching those on the four pleated pockets. Above the right breast pocket is a correctly positioned machine embroidered eagle whilst the first button hole has a hand applied ribbon for the Iron Cross second class.
The collar is adorned with collar patches appropriate to the rank, then trimmed to itsí entire length with regulation aluminium coloured tresse and piped with a twisted waffenfarbe to denote Luftwaffe signals. Both the tresse and waffenfarbe are repeated on the sewn in shoulder straps which are filled in with a matching trikot wool.
At waist level on the left side is a single belt hook to provide support when a dagger is worn suspended from the belt.
Inside, the Tunic is lined with imitation silk with an internal belt to provide a better fit. There is one internal pocket and a coat hook bearing the tailorís name.
It would be impossible to upgrade this superb example.