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Bennett Buckle RAF C Type Helmet, Size 4 with Full

This is the first of these slightly unusual first pattern Bennett Buckle C Type Helmets I have owned since the mid 1970s.
Always my favourite, these helmets are distinguished by an individual manufacture’s variation, being the securing of the leather chinstrap by means of brass rivets and the size marking on the left cheek stamped in green ink. In this case the marking is the AM Crown and letters with 22c/452, a very rare size 4.
The helmet is lovely and in very good condition. The leather is soft and without damage, all stitching is firm and the receiver cups are flexible and without splits. The leather covering remains on the Bennetts buckle which bears the manufacturer's name. Inside, the chamois is without damage, soft and clean.
The cord has some modest fraying to the outer covering up from where it separates to the microphone and the receivers and there is one area where the inner cables show through. The Microphone is excellent as is the connector plug. The impedance selector is also very good.
A rare helmet in an exceptional size 4, complete with external cord and ready to be fitted to an E, E* or G Mask, a clip in place to accommodate the latter two.