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TeNo Sleeve Insignia

A very good example of a TeNo sleeve badge in high quality BeVo weave aluminium thread on a navy blue triangular background.
A very impressive sleeve badge with a wingspan of 80mm set on buckrum backing underneath a blue wool backing.
Overall condition is very good with just on very small moth nip on the backing at the back of the badge.
TeNo, "Technischen Nothilfe" (Technical Emergency-Aid), was originally established in 1919, its members comprising skilled civilian personnel who would voluntarily avail themselves to maintain and repair essential services in the event of a natural disaster or emergency. TeNo was administered by the Minister of the Interior, until mid-1939, when it became an official state organization under control of the Police, which, in turn, was controlled by the SS. With this change in status a small nucleus of salaried officials were employed to run the organization. As the war dragged on, TeNo became more of a para-military organization, with its direction becoming increasingly controlled by the Waffen-SS.