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Luftwaffe Air Branch NCO's Tunic

An exceptionally nice 1937 dated Luftwaffe NCO’s four pocket Service Tunic to a flying branch Gerfreiter, in the standard issue heavy blue – grey wool.
The Tunic shows little sign of wear but there are perhaps two or three small moth nips around the waist, with a small area on the back of the collar and along the skirt on the left side. All are quite inconspicuous.
Typical of the style of the period, it closes with four aluminium coloured pebbled buttons with two pleated pockets with buttoned flaps at the breast and two flapped bellows pockets below.
The right breast has an excellent machine embroidered early pattern droop tail eagle and Swastika whilst the collar is piped with the yellow twisted yellow waffenfarbe cord which matches the collar tabs, each showing two metal rank gulls. Shoulder straps are stitched in and are again piped with the yellow waffenfarbe whilst the left sleeve has an early style Gerfeiter chevron.
The lining is a grey cotton profusely stamped with the date, size markings and interestingly the stamps of a Fliegershcule and "Lw. Gr. Kdo. 2 " - Luftwaffen Gruppen Kommando 2 (Luftwaffe Group Command 2) later to become Luftflotte 2 which played an active part in the Battle of Britain. On the left side there is an opening in the lining which enters the lower pocket to allow wear of a dagger.
Not shown in the pictures is the original two medal ribbon bar for the Iron Cross Second Class and the War Service Cross, just discovered in one of the pockets and of course included in the sale.