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Luftwaffe Enlisted Man / NCO’s Service Cap. Flyin

Although perhaps best described as an entry level example of a Luftwaffe enlisted man / NCO’s Service Cap, it is not without charm, being of the smarter saddle form and using officer quality Tricot wool.
There is an area of moth damage to the top which shows well in the pictures and the chinstrap is a replacement. Other than these two deficiencies, overall condition is very good.
Insignia is correct being stamped aluminium, the peak remains firmly stitched to the body and the yellow piping denotes flying personnel.
Inside, the lining is clean and undamaged with the manufacture’s details, size 57 ˝ and 1939 date visible underneath the diamond shaped protector.
The sweatband has become detached from the peak but sits in place well. Of note is the stamp on the inside of the sweatband “F.E.A. 16”. Flieger-Ersatz-Abteilung 16 (Aviator Replacement Division 16) was established in 1935 at the city of Shleswig, which sits on a lake North of Keil, and which amongst other functions, operated a Seaplane base from the lake.