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Luftwaffe Belt and Buckle Stamped to Battle of Bri

A very good example of a well marked Luftwaffe NCO / Enlisted man’s Belt and Buckle.
The aluminium buckle shows typical light service wear to the high points on the eagle. The original leather tab remains attached and does bear a maker’s stamp but the details are no longer discernible.
Although now toned, I believe the belt itself is an early brown leather example. It remains in very good condition, supple, without damage. The inside is profusely stamped 111./K.G.155 and 9./K.G.155. There are other markings which are no longer clear but which appear to be Fl. Gr and St.1
K.G. 155 was reformed in May 1940 as the famous K.G. 55 which was to become a major participant in the Battle of Britain
They first saw action in the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. During the Phoney War—September 1939–April 1940—the bomber wing flew armed reconnaissance missions over France. In May 1940 KG 55 participated in the Battle of Belgium and Battle of France through to the end of the campaigns in June 1940.
In July 1940 KG 55 took part in the Battle of Britain but suffered significant losses in the battle. On 14 August KG 55 lost Geschwaderkommodore Alois Stoeckl killed over England. It continued operations over the British Isles during The Blitz until June 1941.
KG 55 attacked targets over Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and later participated in the invasion of Russia.
A nice early belt, absolutely appropriate to any Battle of Britain collection