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Zeiss Kriegsmarine 7x50 Gas Mask Binoculars Artl.

A very nice pair of Zeiss 7x50 “Gas Mask” Binoculars with exceptionally good undamaged markings.
The serial number 2072026 dates these to early 1940, being part of a batch of 1,000 produced with Artillery or Searchlight markings and featuring the early, and unsatisfactory, red rubber eyecups. Soon to change to black rubber, the red species degraded in service and I have never come across a pair with the eyecups surviving. Such was the case here, the excellent pair now fitted being modern copies correctly fitted by Optrep who have also carried out a complete service and clean of the glasses.
Optical performance is now very good with perfect collimation and with a good amount of the original blue coating remaining. The artillery cross range reticule is present in the right ocular although particles from the markings are visible when looking through the objective. For this reason the reticule is usually missing, having been discarded during post war cleaning to provide better viewing.
The Rauhlack exterior finish is over 90% complete and the neck strap is original.
The only points of note are some light damage to the edge of the bottom cover plates where someone has obviously tried to open them in the past with similar interference to the retainer for the right eyecup. I have shown images of these areas.
A beautifully marked pair of Kriegsmarine glasses, certainly suitable for everyday recreational use.