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British 1908 Pistol Set. Tank Crews, Machine Gunne

A very good Waistbelt and pistol set comprising Belt, Holster and Ammunition Pouch.
The Waistbelt is the 1908 Pattern in very good overall condition, clearly stamped 1916 and measuring over 100 cms. There are some dark marks to the webbing which should be visible in the pictures but no damage or wear and never Blancoed.
The Holster is a very good example of the open topped 1908 Pattern, designed for wear with this belt and favoured by Tank Crews and Machine Gunners and by the RFC (as the last picture shows) since the lack of the flap provided better comfort in the sitting position. Intended for use with the big Webley .455 revolver. Very good condition and without makers stamps but with the brass cleaning rod in place.
1908 Pattern Ammunition Pouch for twelve cartridges, in very good condition and stamped Wolfsky & Co. London 1917. Inside the flap is the name of a later owner.