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Zeiss Kriegsmarine 7x50 Binoculars "Scheinw.U.Fluw

A good example of these seldom seen Zeiss 7x50 Kriegsmarine Gas Mask Binoculars marked to the Searchlight and Sound Locator units.
When I found these both shoulder plates had been heavily over painted obscuring the markings. I sent them to Optrep who cleaned and serviced the optics and managed to remove the offending paint, revealing the original undamaged markings. Both plates were repainted and the markings picked out in white. I am delighted with the end result.
Optically the glasses are now very good, giving good clear vision. The artillery reticule remains in place in the right eyepiece although the disc that has the reticule printed on it does have a mark which is visible. They are in collimation.
Both the objectives and the oculars are in good condition with perhaps some minor surface scratches although some of the coating has worn through previous cleaning. The rubber Gas Mask eyepieces are original and in good condition with some light cracking. It is extremely unusual to see original eyepieces as good as these.
The Rauhlack covering to the body is again good with only about 15% loss.
The neck strap is original.
A good, useable and highly collectable pair of Kriegsmarine binoculars.