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Kriegsmarine Watch Officer’s Duty Badge (Dienst Ab

A very good example of the Kriegsmarine Watch Officer’s duty badge (Dienst Abzeichen für Wachoffizier).
Die stamped with a hollow backed alloy construction the badge retains much of the original finish and is completely without damage. Measuring 65mm by 52mm the badge is impressive and normally seen in wear through the button hole on the left lapel of the reefer Jacket.
The reverse of the badge is a mirror image of the obverse and has a soldered attachment clip.
Generally when a ship was at sea three EM/NCO’s were assigned watch duty under the auspices of the Watch Officer. The Watch Officer was allotted a wide variety responsibilities including navigation and handling, log entries, and overseeing all general routine duties of the crew. The Watch Officer was required to remain on deck until relieved and was issued a Watch Officer’s Badge to be worn as identification while performing his duties. This badge was not an award but a sign of position. The introduction date is unknown but the lack of a swastika would appear to indicate it was carried over from the Reichsmarine era.