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Italian Flag Taken 24.12.41 from Benghazi Town Hal

An impressive and really rather historic Italian flag of the Kingdom of Italy, featuring the Italian Tricolour with the House of Savoy shield at centre.
Measuring approximately 170 cms x 112 cms, the flag is in generally good condition with some staining and perhaps three or four minor holes.
Brought home by Royal Marine J. Mills, the flag and his medals recently became available for the first time since the war. Unfortunately I was not able to acquire the medals. Of particular interest, inscribed across the top centre of the flag, is “Benghasi Town Hall Flag, Italian, 24.12.41”, presumable the date of its capture.
The fighting along the north of Libya held mixed fortunes for both sides and on 18th November 1941 Auchinleck launched his offensive Operation Crusader, which was to last until 31st. December.
On Christmas Eve 1941 he reached Benghazi as the drive continued towards El Agheila. No doubt this opportunity was taken by Royal Marine Mills to seize his war souvenir.
An interesting piece, worthy of further research.