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RAF Reflector Gunsight Mk11. Night Fighter 1941

A rather scarce variant of the wartime RAF Reflector Gunsights is this Mk11 N, N referring to night.
As the Luftwaffe switched to night bombing, the need for a night fighter became obvious with both black painted Spitfires and Hurricanes being adapted for the role, followed later by the much more suitable Mosquito and Beaufighter.
A modification to the Mk11 Gunsight was needed which featured a single illuminated white ring controlled by a single Open/Shut handle wheel at the base. The data plate was altered to show this and the original stores reference now carried the number 2666 after the 8B/1124 and an N added after Reflector Sight Mk11. The serial number was of course unchanged and this example shows the serial number 4546/41 indicating an early 1941 produced piece.
Overall condition is very good with loss of paint and with some chips to the glass screen at the edges. The bump pad is very good as are the lenses. Most importantly, this example has the usually missing the bulb holder, cable and AM marked connector plug. There is no bulb but I have shown the ring illuminated using an external light source.