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Kriegsmarine Gyro Sextant for use in U Boats

Complete in a wooden transit case which appears to have been for the similar SKS-2D, these Kreiselsextants (round Sextants) were designed for use in submarines, aircraft and ships. The vacuum driven gyro made them particularly suitable for in rough weather.
Manufactured by C. Plath in Hamburg (gtl), this instrument carries the serial number 5226 which is repeated on the transport box and is the Kriegsmarine version and contained in the transport box used in submarines.
Overall condition is good with numerous accessories remaining such as the carrying drop handle, bulbs, two batteries (2 x 1.5V) with on / off switch and brightness controls located on each battery and four glass filter slides. Also included is an English language set of operating instructions produced for post war use.
The box shows wear with areas of delamination and loss of wood and the carry handle is broken..
A nice display item and although these can be operated with a simple foot pump, this piece is not suggested to be working order.