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Kriegsmarine Zeiss U Boat 7x50 Binoculars

One of a batch of 1900 7x50 U Boat Binoculars produced by Zeiss for the Kriegsmarine U Boat service between 1943-45, this pair carries the serial number 39312 and blc 7x50 on the right prism plate.
The heavy Rauhlack coating to the exterior of these is generally prone to loss and these are no exception, with small areas visible but with, I believe, a larger area on the left side having been expertly restored.
The optics are hazy but without damage. The blue lens coating appears intact and the rubber armour is excellent although I am undecided if these are original or a set of the excellent replacements now available.
Generally a very nice pair of glasses and well worthy of cleaning which I can arrange at cost if required.