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Waffen SS Belt and Buckle. Triple SS Marked

A good Waffen SS NCO and other ranks waist belt and buckle with the seldom seen SS markings to the leather belt.
The Buckle is of moulded steel and clearly displays the raised markings RZM within two circles, 36/42 (Overhoff & Cie 1942) and the SS runes within two circles. Although completely free from damage the Buckle has lost itsí feldgrau painted finish resulting in the steel having darkened. There is some smoothing to the high points which shows well in the pictures and which is entirely in keeping with service use.
The leather belt is a scarce item with the discernible RZM and SS stamps, both within double circles, at both the end of the Belt and at the stitched portion of the Buckle adjustment tongue.
The leather is supple and in very good condition and appears to have been shortened from an oversized belt by moving and re stitching the tongue further along the belt, overall length to the last claw holes now being 96cms.
A makerís stamp is just visible at the closure hook end but this no longer clearly discernible.
It is rare to find an SS Belt with original SS stamps such as we have here.