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German Officer's Brown Leather Claw Belt

A quite superb example of the Model 1934, 55mm wide Brown Leather Officer’s Belt.
Originally intended for use with a cross strap, the belt retains both the slotted leather interior fixing strips for the strap. By September 1939, use of the cross strap was abolished and belts continued in used without them.
Secured in wear by a matte nickel, rounded corner pebbled double claw buckle, the belt has seven double rows of closure points, the overlap tucked into a matching brown leather belt loop. Overall length between claws and last closure holes is 114 cms.
The maker’s name, Luneschloss, Solingen is impressed in gold block on the inside turn over with numerous hand written notes along the inside of the belt, the only discernible one being Dr. Nagel.
Overall, the Belt shows very little wear. All stitching is firm and intact. There are two water marks and some very minor scratches but the belt still squeaks where rolled up.
It would be very difficult to upgrade this lovely example.

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RAF Escape and Evasion Map. 43K French / Spanish Border Area

British made Escape and Evasion Map from the 1943 series produced for aircrew and other Special Operations forces.
This is map 43K East, Southwest France / Spain Northeast and 43K West, Spain Northwest and Portugal North.
Made in artificial silk with the edges heat-sealed this map covers the all-important border between France and Spain.
Highly detailed, it measures 600mm x 520mm in the scale 1:1,000,000 and was intended for inclusion in the Evasion Purse issued for each operation with the appropriate maps.
Overall condition is very good with no damage or marks.

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First Gulf War Campaing Map Operation Granby

The first I have seen, this theatre printed British Map Campaign Map for Operation Granby / Desert Sabre measure 78 x 63cms and is in very good condition, free from tears or damage and never folded. Produced and printed by 42 Survey Engineer Group and drafted in theatre by Tacipanzer 1 (UK) Armoured Division the map provides a detailed plan of the campaign to retake Kuwait during the first Gulf War.
According to the MOD quoted in the London Gazette on Friday 28th June 1991, ‘The initial objective of Operation GRANBY was to help deter any further aggression by Iraq in the Gulf and particularly against Saudi Arabia. The objectives were later expanded to: secure, together with our Coalition allies, a complete and unconditional Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait; restore the legitimate government of that country; re-establish peace and security in the area; uphold the authority of the United Nations.’
Operation Granby was the name given to the British military operations in the Persian Gulf from 1990 to 1991, that were precipitated by the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990. This includes British participation in the international Coalition’s defence of Saudi Arabia (known to the Americans as “Operation Desert Shield”), and the liberation of Kuwait (known to the Americans as “Operation Desert Storm”).
The operation was named after John Manners, Marquess of Granby who had commanded British forces at the Battle of Minden (1759) during the Seven Years’ War.

The British contribution to the Coalition effort was, by far, the largest of any European nation, and included British Army regiments, Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships and Royal Air Force (RAF) squadrons. In total, the British forces included about 2,700 armoured vehicles and 45,000 troops.
The map will be sent rolled

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1940 Pattern Battledress Trousers. Size 13 with Label. 1942

A very good pair of the 1940 austerity Pattern Trousers for wear with the Battledress Blouse.
Unusually, the original stores label remains stitched to the outside of the waistband and although this is somewhat faded, most of the detail is still legible. I believe these are a size 13 with the waist size showing 5’11” - ?, Waist 33/34”and although there is no date a WD inspector’s stamp confirms these to have been inspected in 1942. Inside leg measurements is 33”.
All buttons are in place and are a mix of dished steel, brass and with the dressings pocket having a vegetable ivory button on a revolving shank. The pocket itself is still stitched closed.
The Trousers are clean and in generally very good condition with one small wear or moth hole to the seat and with two matching holes at the lower legs where they have perhaps rubbed together during walking, a result no doubt of having been worn bloused over gaiters.
It is now very difficult to locate Battledress Trousers in a good large size with the original label remaining.

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Luftwaffe Marksmanship Lanyard

A very good undamaged example of a Luftwaffe Marksman Lanyard which I believe to be for grades 1-4.
Formed of an interwoven braid of blue grey silk with aluminium thread and three fixed aluminium sliders. A wreathed Luftwaffe eagle with a darkened or matt finish sits on an oval backing the reverse of which is hand finished with a dark blue grey wool.
Awarded to individuals for proficiency with firearms up to and including flak guns. Worn on the right side of the service tunic, flying blouse etc. when on parade, walking out or guard duties.

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SS Allgemeine Black Peaked / Visor Cap

A forum discussed and absolutely textbook example of an early SS Alllgemeine Enlisted Mans/ NCO’s peaked or Visor Cap perhaps dating from around 1936.
The black wool cloth exterior is general very good with some minor moth trails and I can count three moth holes where the lining is visible, the largest being about three mm in diameter and situated above the eagle’s right wing, just below the white piping.
The insignia has darkened slightly with age but both retain a good degree of the original silver wash. Leather chinstrap is in very good condition and has clearly never been taken off the buttons and whilst I do not intend to disturb it, the SS runes can clearly be seen printed on the underside when carefully lifting the strap on the left side.
The peak or visor is also very good, firmly stitched in place and with the all important SS RZM stamp clearly visible to the patterned underside.
Inside, the leather ventilated sweatband is very good with the two studs bearing the owner’s initials, FM. There are further ink stamping on the underside of the sweatband and although these are not discernible this will be the date of manufacture and could be 1936.
The golden / brown cloth lining is in very good condition with the RZM manufactures label still attached to the side wall. At the centre, the diamond shaped celluloid moisture shield is in place with the SS runes silkscreen printed underneath in gold. Below that is a black silk label machine embroidered “Vom Reichsführer SS befohlene Ausführung” (By Order of the Reichsführer SS) and has encircled runes and RZM motto.
A white card insert sits in the sleeve for the owner’s name and whilst a hand written SS can be determined, I cannot make out the name.
An excellent and unmolested early SS Cap at what I believe to be a competitive price.

Code: 52532Price: 4500.00 GBP

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WW1 German M17 Helmet With Period Camouflage

An exceptionally nice example of a forum discussed WW1 German M17 Helmet with typical period applied camouflage.
The pattern of camouflage was specified by General Ludendorff who stipulated the three colours should be green, yellow ochre and rust brown, exactly as we have here. He also specified that each colour should be separated by finger wide black stripes. In this case the stripes are thinner, a variation I like and absolutely in keeping with pressures of the time.
The camouflage finish remains almost completely intact, the shell being without damage. This is a size 62 shell for a head size between 52.5 – 54 cms and unlike WW11 German helmets, these smaller sizes are much more sought after. In keeping with the size the lugs are the A3 stepped style to allow fitting of the armoured “Stirnpanzer” to the smaller shell.
Inside, the helmet is no less pleasing. The sweat pads are very good and each retains the cloth cushions and ties whilst the rear skirt shows signs of a pencil written name.
The chinstrap I have my doubts about and I cannot guarantee it is original, my only concern being that it shows little wear but perhaps I am wrong.
A lovely helmet and one which would be difficult to upgrade.

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WARNING! Fake Kriegsmarine Clocks at the War and Peace Reivival


With the War and Peace Revival about to start in the UK, now is a good time to remind you of the dangers of buying Kriegsmarine and Kaiserliche Marine Clocks on sale there and indeed at Ardingly and Newark.

The UK’s most active faker of these clocks will be there as usual displaying a number of clocks which will enable you to recognise him.

He sells clocks which range from fake dials on de-nazified clocks, to clocks which are complete fakes, including the cases. These are well executed fakes designed to deceive and defraud.

All numbers should match the serial number on the back of the case, including the movement. If someone tells you the movements get changed, he’s not telling you the truth although the number on the dial will differ as this is not the serial number of the clock.

Know your eagles, here is one of his fakes. Note that the feathers touching the legs are perfectly balanced. On originals, one is usually lower than the other.
Never pay cash. If he won’t take a card, give you his contact details, tells you he doesn’t have a land line telephone or a computer and speaks with a strong Scottish accent, walk away.

If you do decide to buy a clock at the show, buy it from a dealer you know or one who will take a card so you have some security. Even other dealers at the show may have been taken in by his clocks which also appear on eBay and other websites.

Tell your friends!

Code: 52530Price: On Request

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M43 Combat Gefreiter Tunic

A well used but very displayable M43 Felbluse to an Obergefreiter in the Artillery.
The Tunic shows all the signs of extended wear, quite possibly as a POW. The mixed wool and Rayon cloth has overall surface wear to the nap giving it that typical rather coarse feel to the touch. Although there are no moth holes there is an L shaped stitched repair to the lower right pocket measuring approximately 20mm x 15mm.
The style of the M43 incorporates a sixth closure button to help maintain the shape and on this example there is a machine stitched repair to the button opening, apparently pulling the button itself through and tearing the cloth. Fortunately the repair to the real damage is on the inside and not visible when the Tunic is closed. With the exception of one of the four sleeve adjusting buttons all the zincated iron and the paste buttons remain. The collar shows wear in the area of the hook and eye closure arrangement.
On the right breast the BeVo weave eagle is correct but has been reapplied as have possibly been both collar patches the later style double chevron of an Obergefreiter. Both artillery shoulder straps are in good condition but are most likely a later addition. The unpleated left breast pocket has loops for three awards .
The Tunic is lined with rayom which has some repairs including the dressings pocket and still shows good clear marking with an Rb.Nr.
This tunic is ideally suited for a mannequin combat display and has been discussed on the War Relics Forum to positive acclaim.

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Silver Wound Badge in Tombak

An excellent and textbook example of a broad pin Hauptmünzamt Wein (Vienna State Mint) Silver Wound Badge, made from silver plated Tombak and complete with its’ original case.
The Badge is in very fine undamaged condition without obvious wear.
The Case is of the style without a fastening catch and known as a "halbe etui" or half case, the lid being hinged by a simple tape which is no longer present with this example, the lid being held in place by the lining material.
Silver Would Badges are usually found with a red case, the black case being more associated with the gold Wound Badge, but both combinations are correct. Overall condition of the case is very good.
A very desirable Tombak Wound Badge

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